Thomas Newman Eubank
    Jones Memorial Library, Lynchburg, Virginia


Thomas Newman Eubank
August 15, 1777,  Caroline County, Virginia
July 19, 1862, Amherst County, Virginia

Jane Shelton Ellis (1)
Amherst County, Virginia, 1810 - 1838

Ann E. Nelson (2)
Westmoreland  County, Virginia, 1842 -1859

by Iris Teta Eubank Wagner
3rd great-grandniece

Library of Congress - 19th Century Map,
Amherst County, Virginia

In the discussion of my Eubank immigrant ancestors, Henry and/or William Eubank, born 1612 and 1615, respectively, in England,  I find it interesting that  Thomas Newman Eubank married his second wife in the Tidewater - Westmoreland County, Virginia. Thomas was sixty-five years of age when he made the uncomfortable, long trip back across Virginia to marry his second wife, Ann E. Nelson. - Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940. Thomas N Eubank/Ann E. Nelson, May 23, 1842, FHL Film Number: 34336, Ref. ID p22.                  

Thomas' first wife was Jane Shelton Ellis, born September 22, 1783, daughter of Major Josiah Ellis and his wife, Jane Shelton, of "Red Hill," (left, below) Amherst County, Virginia.  Jane was the mother of Thomas's several children.  Jane died on August 9, 1838.    On May 23, 1842, Thomas was married to his second wife, Ann E. Nelson, in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  Westmoreland was one of several counties in the Northern Neck of Virginia, to which many Eastern Shore  residents moved in the mid-to-late 1600's, when  titles to their land became questionable.

Photo of "Red Hill" shared by William Eubank, Chattanooga,Tennessee.

Thomas was a three-year-old toddler in 1780, when his parents, John and Margaret Newman Eubank, moved from politically and religiously divided Caroline County, Virginia.

In the years leading up to the Revolutionary War, Caroline County had become the most politically active and religiously divided of the  Virginia Tidewater counties. 

Eubank and Newman families had been allied with the Baylor family at their New Market (Bowling Green) and Spotsylvania estates for many years.  Margaret Newman's father, Thomas Newman, was Steward at New Market during the mid-years of the 1700's. 
William F. Boogher, "Gleanings of Virginia History," Newman Family of Virginia," pp237-282.

The Baylor family supported the traditional and State supported Anglican Church.  Col. John Baylor represented Caroline County in the House of Burgesses.  Col. Baylor died in 1772.  The Religious Petition (below) is signed by his family members: widow Mrs. Frances Baylor, daughters Frances and Courtney,  as well, by his sons, George and John Baylor.  Thomas N. Eubank's father, John Eubank, signed, and his uncle (or grandfather ?), George Eubank, signed next to John Baylor, Jr.  Signing this Petition was a vote to divide the lengthy Drysdale Parish, which stretched from the Spotsylvania border south, to include the upper part of King and Queen County.

Religious Petition, Caroline County, 1779 

Library of Congress
1731 Land Grant to William Cabell
William Cabell
was granted a large tract of land by the Virginia Governors' Council in 1731 (document below), land that would be developed in the coming years by the Cabell family, and their associates, into  Albemarle and Amherst Counties.

John and Margaret Eubank, and friends, John Ware and John Pendleton had moved to Amherst from Caroline; William Garland from  Hanover; and Charles Ellis moved from Henrico near the City of Richmond. Other  families in Caroline, who supported the Anglican, State supported church, were caught in the 18th century  upheaval of religious dissent in Caroline.   In the years leading up to and during the Revolutionary War, citizens who  sought a safer, more secure environment in which to live and worship, moved to Albemarle County, from which Amherst was partitioned. 

 1731 Grant to William Cabell from the Council of Virginia : Albemarle and Amherst County

Library of Congress

After settlement in Amherst, Thomas Eubank's father, John Eubank, was a member of  the Patriots' Militia in Amherst County in 1781 (DAR National Number 560469 - John Eubank's Ancestor Number : A037377) . 

Library od Congress

Richard Eubank (bc1717), who moved from Caroline County to Goochland County about 1755 (last entry in the Order Books), then to Bedford County, and to the Peaks of Otter (map above) is, from the evidence I've seen, a brother to John Eubank, the Constable (d1778), and grandfather of Thomas Newman Eubank and his brother, Richard Newman Eubank.  From Bedford County, Richard, wife Mary, and son Achilles moved to Kentucky.

Thomas Newman Eubank and his brother, Richard Newman Eubank, and the Ellis and Ware families were prominent and leading citizens in Amherst County during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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